You’re working towards a goal and want others to join you

Dialogue is the way to get there. Whether with your clients, intended clients, employees, the general public, elected officials, or journalists – you advance your cause in dialogue. Sometimes in the short term, usually in the medium and long term.

I support you in establishing dialogue partnerships – through strategically planned, professionally executed, internal and external communications. Regardless of whether you are responsible for a company, an organization or a municipality. Whether you’re dealing with routine situations, special milestones, or times of change such as restructurings, mergers, or developing a mission statement.

Based on your goals, I draw up a master plan for your communications, develop core messages, and recommend suitable instruments. This includes establishing and growing relationships, press and public relations, your own media formats in print and online, and all kinds of meetings. For implementing tasks such as design, photography and programming, I work with professional service providers as needed.

In continuous dialogue with your target groups, I support you – as a consultant and mediator, a dialogue partner and sounding board. I contribute my many years of experience with clients at the interface between business, political and social opinion-shaping to further your interests.